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In September, over 50 athletes from across New Zealand will gather at the stunning Cardona Alpine Resort for the 2019 National Winter Games; competing in Intermediate and Advanced Apline skiing and Intermediate snowboarding events over 3 days of competition.
The National Winter Games will display the spirit, skill, and passion shown in the Special Olympics movement, bringing together people all across New Zealand to challenge and celebrate these talented  athletes.
The Games will kick off with the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 18 September and will conclude with the Closing Ceremony, dinner and the much looked forward to disco on Saturday 21 September.

Check out our latest newsletter for more about the National Winter Games here.

Congratulations to our selected team members who will compete at these Nationals:


Jarrod Gilbert - Te Awamutu
Jaimee Caffell - Otago
Aaron Wild - Southland
Tom Care-Bourke - Auckland
Robin Tu Mathews - Auckland
Luke Pindur - Auckland
Martin Joyce - Auckland
Kaa T. Dekker - Auckland
Cosmo Adams - North Harbour

Alpine Skiing

Kelly Nathan - Tauranga
Victoria Strickland - Hawkes Bay
Timothy Clayton -Hawkes Bay
Nick Fyfe - Hutt Valley
Rebecca Heath - Hutt Valley
Jason Donovan - Kapiti
Michael Holdsworth - Wellington
Fletch Gallagher - Wellington
Cameron Easton - Horowhenua
Cameron Jarvis - Horowhenua
Keri-Anne Johnson - Manawatu
Joseph Fitzpatrick-Bryant - Manawatu
Rachel Vaccarino - Manawatu
Joshua Ryan - Manawatu
Phil Verran - Manawatu
Conrad Ryan - Manawatu
Ben Blanche - North Otago
Lachlan Davison - North Otago
Amos van Asch - North Otago
Daniel Joyce - North Otago
Hugh Brown - North Otago
Craig Torrance - Otago
Nathan Symister - Otago
Bradley Caffell - Otago
Tom Bennison - Auckland
Mitchell Hartnett-Newlands - Auckland
Hayley Rydon - Auckland
Catriona Gunning - Auckland
Daryl Dobbs - Auckland
Ella Sharples - Auckland
Duncan Campbell Sheffield - Tamaki
Troy Rangi - North Harbour
Jordon Tulloch - North Harbour
Christopher J. Westcott - North Harbour
Ethan Rangi - North Harbour
Pratima Patel - North Harbour
Marc Enderle - North Harbour
Tessa Haskell - North Harbour
Johno Campbell - Counties
James Oliver - Canterbury
Luka Willems - Canterbury


Thank you and Good Luck to all athletes!


For more information regarding the 2019 National Winter Games please contact:-

Asti Farrell

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